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The Success Regime marks the start of a new era of improvement for local health and care services. It is a national initiative designed to support the most challenged health and care systems across the country. With long-term difficulties in recruiting permanently to key clinical posts, a history of financial challenges, and the need to improve the quality of services across the area, West, North and East Cumbria has been selected nationally, along with Essex and Devon to take part in the regime.

Local health and care leaders will continue to lead and own the improvement programme but the Success Regime will provide them with access to support, expertise and resources at a national level.

An outline strategy for local services has already been agreed – Together for a Healthier Future – following significant engagement with local people and health and care staff in 2014. The Success Regime will provide local leaders with the ability to build on this strategy and approach, but to make progress at the pace and scale needed over the next five years. 

The programme will see local health and care organisations working more closely together as a ‘system’, and united in a common purpose, approach and set of ambitions. This approach will enhance our chances of success as, like many areas across the country, such challenges cannot be addressed by individual organisations alone.

Sir Neil McKay has been appointed to chair the local programme. He is a knowledgeable healthcare leader and has extensive experience of both leading, and working with NHS and local government organisations at local, regional and national levels.

The Success Regime is an initiative led in partnership by the three national NHS bodies which have oversight of NHS organisations on a day-to-day basis - the NHS Trust Development AuthorityMonitor and NHS England. While they will provide support, expertise and resources, they will also hold the local health and care system to account for delivering the strategy and plans agreed as part of the programme. 

The Success Regime was announced by the Secretary of State in June 2015 with a launch event for stakeholders taking place in Bassenthwaite, Cumbria, on Friday 18 September 2015.

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